Monday 20th May

Our guest diarist writes:

So here we are. The final day. We set about packing this morning ready to give our bags to the advanced party to drop them off at the airport; the rest of us left the Southern Palms for the last time an hour later... not before Chloe had had a chance to speak to reception about her phone being stolen! The weather for our final morning was overcast, with a big shower that ruined the early morning sunbathing plans of some. On the plus side, it made it easier for us to have everything done in time for departure and gave us an early start to our UK acclimatisation.

Check-in took a long while but Dave the Adj did a sterling job and I'm sure he's pleased not to have to do any more paperwork!!! We passed through security and customs quickly and headed straight to duty free where copious amounts of rum souvenirs were bought, to make up for all the abstinence on tour. It will take a while to get through it all!! The team got onto the plane smoothly and the Captain gave a nice welcome to Nigel Penn and his victorious British Rifle Team over the PA - nice but not quite on par with Mr Lothian's message for Party A on the way out to Jamaica. Ross then realised he couldn't find his wallet and set about frantically searching his bags for it. Thankfully one of the ground crew had recovered it from his seat in departures. Had this happened a few days earlier, Ross would have had to be the victim of one of his own double rum shot fines. Chloe nearly ended up spending the entire 8 hour flight in the toilet as the door handle came off in her hand! Martin also made a trip to the loo with his glasses hanging off his shirt. He then pressed the flush and watched his glasses get sucked down as well!

We landed after a looong flight looking rather bleary eyed and set about picking up baggage and rifles before heading back to Bisley. Rifle clearance at customs was remarkably swift, meaning a lengthy wait for the coach. Team baggage was distributed back at Bisley before everyone parted ways and headed back to normality. I expect that "tour blues" will be mentioned over the next few days!

We achieved what we set out to do in the West Indies and it has been a thoroughly enjoyable trip for all of those involved. We have had some good results over the past month, winning all six of our team matches, including (most importantly) the Australia Match. Many thanks go to our management team for their tireless efforts in getting us where we are now without any major catastrophes. Thanks also to all of our enthusiastic and gracious hosts and to all the members of the team for making it such a wonderful tour.

This is the GB Team to the West Indies signing off for the last time. Love to tour!!!